A Tale of Two Bands


1992 was a special year for me musically.  I had just completed my freshman year at Notre Dame and I was itching to get home and back to work on my music.  That summer I played in not one, but two bands. 


The first was Panic Station, a metal-funk band comprised of myself on bass, Steve Lipinski on guitar and Dan “IdiAlmodovar on drums.  We sounded a little like Extreme from the Pornograffitti album, which was fairly successful at the time.  But we had a problem.  We didn’t have a singer.



Panic Station tried out a few singers, but none of them worked out.  We kicked around the idea of having me sing lead, but the bass parts I was playing were very busy and it was going to be difficult to do both at the same time.


At the same time, I had been playing bass in my friend J’s band, The Get Me Ups.  We had recorded a few songs in my basement studio during the Christmas break, but I was basically just a fill-in because their previous bassist had run off to Europe on a bike tour or something to that effect.


Long story short, J sang for my band and I ended up becoming the regular bass player for The Get Me Ups.  Both bands played at Obsessions in Randolph, NJ that summer.




Click on the links below to hear those performances:


Panic Station

The Get Me Ups

Live at Obsessions

Live at Obsessions

July 3, 1992

August 14, 1992



Panic Station

Know Better

Give and Take


Jimmy Olsen’s Blues (Spin Doctors Cover

Nothin’ At All (So Far Down)

Once Upon A Time


Love Me or Leave Me/

Here I Am

Mr. Brownstone (GnR Cover)

Midnight Rambler (Stones Cover)



Here are a couple of video clips from the Panic Station gig:

Once Upon A Time

Love Me or Leave Me/Mr. Brownstone (Medley)



                                                                                    My brother Brian filled in on keyboards


Here are the only “studio” recordings we did for Panic Station…they’re basically rehearsal tapes.


Panic Station

Give and Take

Once Upon A Time (Al Vocal)

One More Chance (Al Vocal)


Panic Station essentially disbanded for all intents and purposes when we went back to school in the fall, but The Get Me Ups marched on. 


We recorded a full-length album, Cheap Feel, a few months later. 


Click on the links below to hear tracks from Cheap Feel:


Know Better

NothinAt All (So Far Down)



Long Gone Blue

Here I Am

Anything To Me

Mr. Horton’s Bike Shop

Come Back

Song For Julie


Bonus Tracks:

David Brixton

Look Ma, No Plans (Rehearsal Tape)

My Blues (Rehearsal Tape)


(Unfortunately, I have no video/photos from any Get Me Ups performances)


The Get Me Ups played a couple of more shows in 1993 before going our separate ways, though the members of this group (J Kennedy, Tom Sullivan, Scott Porter, Harry Douglas, and myself) have gotten together in various other incarnations over the years since then.


J and Tom formed Beauty, whose CD I co-produced and engineered in 2000, while Scott went on to form the NYC-based band Frank, initially inspired in no small part by Beauty. 


Frank continues to play regularly in the city. 


Harry lives in the UK and plays with a band called Area51.


J, Tom, and I are now working on the Ghosts Sessions.      



Scott Porter, Chris Schultz (from Beauty), J Kennedy, Tom Sullivan, and Me in June, 2005


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