A quintessential 80’s high school basement band


Image was my high school band.  I mean, I played in more than one band in high school, but this was the one that actually played “out”, albeit infrequently. 


We formed sometime during my sophomore year in high school (1988-89) and only had two performances.  I call it a basement band because that’s where we practiced, but if you prefer the phrase “garage band”, it’s basically the same thing.



We finished second to last in the first annual Verona High School Battle of the Bands, so we kicked out our lead singer (or he quit, depending on who you ask).  I ended up taking over the vocal duties so that we wouldn’t have to cancel the show we had scheduled about a month later.


It was my first lead singing opportunity.  The band broke up a couple of months later.


Here are some video clips from that March 17, 1989 show at Something Different (which is sadly no longer there) in Montclair, NJ.




I Will Follow

Caught in the Fire